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Bernalea received her Dental Hygiene degree in 2004 from San Juan College, in New Mexico. She loved living and working in New Mexico, and still misses it to this day. There, she worked with great colleagues and gained extensive experience and knowledge in all dental-related topics. In 2018, her husband’s career took them all the way to New York. Talk about a culture shock! The weather was such a surprise to them, given that Bernalea is used to sunshine 350+ days a year but in New York the sun shines only about 180 days a year. It was disheartening not feeling the desert sun. There she worked with a fantastic doctor that fueled her knowledge for how dentistry can help individuals with orofacial disorders. This is where she began her myofunctional journey, and fell in love with it. She became mindful of the oral dysfunction within her own home. Her own family suffered from dysfunction and she soon found out that myofunctional therapy was the missing link. They had been to countless doctors for a myriad of disorders, lip ties, bed wetting, sleep apnea, malocclusion, allergies, snoring, TMD and even ADHD. Physicians would either medicate or disregard her concerns for her family. As Bernalea learned more she worked with her own family with myofunctional therapy and poor tongue resting posture is no longer a problem in her home. Since then they have moved to Texas and she continued her myofunctional education through extensive training through the IAOM. She is excited to share her knowledge with you and help you get on the road to a healthier life and feel like a whole new person!